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Stitchwelder PRO 2.0

The latest edition of our market leading welding solution, equipped with a brand new state of the art control system, improved control of the welding process, easy and fast setup, latest generation of mercury free welding rollers with extended lifetime that comply with the European Union Regulation (EC) No 1102/2008.
The Stitchwelder PRO 2.0 is designed to give a perfect air-tight seam thru out the whole welding length.
It has built its world class reputation upon well documented consistency and reliability.

Unique Features

»   Highest welding speed in the industry
»   Mercury free welding rollers
»   Spiro® Control System, easy recipe management,load, save or backup with just a click
»   Prepared for Spiro® Connect (PC connection)
»   Automatic Pressure setting from the panel, no mechanical adjustments
»   Unique two-step function for easy handling of long or large items
»   Unique setting of both start and end current for optimized welding result
»   Upgraded speed setting with optimized setting for continuous and length of each stitch
Stitchwelder PRO 2.0
Stitchwelder PRO 2.0 Stitchwelder PRO 2.0
Stitchwelder PRO 2.0 Stitchwelder PRO 2.0


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