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Spiro® Ductline

This powerful Ductline offers the highest output with a minimum of floor space required. As standard it’s delivered with the Spiro® state-of-the-art control system. This high performing Ductline has a fully hydraulic drive system which offers maximum force, strength and endurance.

» Unique modular approach to boost your Spiro® Ductline into a fully automatic rectangular duct forming line with integrated flanges - expand gradually or at once, you decide!

» Unique Modular Solution Compact or Fully Integrated - You Decide! Future Module Integration Always Possible Latest Spiro® Technology

Unique Features

» Touch screen controller with genuine Spiro® user interface

» Programs for L-sections, U-ducts, fully wrapped ducts or plain sheet

» Z-Profile (Trapez-Profile and bead as option)
» Fully hydraulic feeding, shear and folding unit
» Stand-alone encoder for higher accuracy
» Smallest footprint in the industry
Ductline with Notching Unit Application
Ductline with special Applications Autom. Slitting Unit - Tie Rod
Ductline Automatic Slitting Unit
Ductline1 Ductline1
Ductline2 Ductline2
Ductline3 Ductline3
Ductline4 Ductline4
Ductline5 Ductline5
Ductline6 Ductline6
Ductline7 Ductline7
Ductline8 Ductline8
Ductline-decoiler Ductline-decoiler